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When you open your account with CyberXpress, you will receive an email address: <user>@cyberxpress.co.nz. All customers may choose an additional two email addresses, absolutely free!

CyberXpress has provided free spam/virus filters since September 2002, so we have more experience with getting rid of junk mail ("spam") than most Internet Service Providers. Your mailbox can have a filter for spam or viruses or both, all you have to do is ask. You can even choose between three different levels of spam filter and three types of virus filter.

Fun Email:

Your email address can say a lot about you... and that's why we offer a range of funky Daftmail addresses for those who want an original, fun address. Choose your own username and team it with the hundreds of domains available. eg:

    » toddys-mate@on-a-crusade.canterbury.net.nz
    » e-me@newzealand.cleangreenbeautiful.com
    » floating-around@somewhere.intheuniverse.com

Apply online for a free Daftmail address now!

Business Customers:

For business customers looking to strengthen their Internet Presence, registration of your own Domain Name will allow you to set up your own email addresses that incorporate your business name or brand. eg:

    » john.doe@mycompany.co.nz
    » information@mybusiness.com

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You can also use Webmail, our web email interface, to check your CyberXpress email from anywhere in the world!