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  High Performance Connections

We understand that as a business you need a fast and reliable connection to the internet.

Plain Communications Ltd, the company behind CyberXpress, has developed a reputation for security, performance and reliability in this area.

Listed below are several high performance options which we can provide your business.

ADSL connections:
Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line through Jetstream provider public network. Low cost, generally high bandwidth IP connection.
Plan Download Speed Upload Speed Price with Tolls
**with direct dial tolls
Monthly data allowance
* (1GB = 1000MB)
Velocity 5GB Full speed Full speed $39.95 5GB
Velocity 10GB Full speed Full speed $44.95 10GB
Velocity 20GB Full Speed Full speed $54.95 20GB
Velocity 50GB Full speed Full speed $79.95 50GB
Velocity 100GB Full speed Full speed $119.95 100GB

All Prices Include GST.
This price list is current as at 1st March 2012 and may change without notice.

* If you exceed your monthly data cap you will be charged $2.00 per 1000MB block or part there of.


N.B.  If you do not operate your tolls through us the applicable price plans will be $10 per month more.

We charge $15.00 per month if you require a static IP number.  Domain charges and some mail services, eg. SMTP mail delivery are in addition.   Please contact us for pricing details.

Telecom charge an installation fee for new connections.  Installations are done in 2 parts, an Exchange Service Connection, $101.20, and a Full Installation, $253.51.  A one off fee of $46.00 is charged to swap your broadband from another provider to us.  The Telecom Full Installation portion is unnecessary if the customer opts for a self install.  Standard filters can be purchased from us for 13.80.

If you join for 1 year and take tolls through us then you receive a free installation and a free single port ADSL modem.  Or we will give you a $50 discount on our normal retail price of either a 4 port modem/router, or a 4 port wireless modem/router.  These are highly affordable quality router-modems that will give access to multiple computers at your location, with options for advanced firewall filters and wireless access.  Contact us for prices.  (Early disconnection fee of $101.20 + modem costs apply.)

There is no charge to change between plans.

Contact Us NOW for more detail.

Permanent / Leased Line connections:
Virtual ethernet circuit - metro and intermetro.
256K RF connections:
If you are proximate to our premises, public spread spectrum RF connection may be a practical, economical option.

Our technical consultants can advise you on the model appropriate for your business, and maintain and support your systems into the future. Contact us today!

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