Servers and Networks
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  Servers and Networks

Our Systems and Networking Divisions provide impartial multi-platform guidance to oranisations needing reliable, secure network and server solutions.

Let us use our years of experience to assess your Internet networking requirements and recommend local and wide area solutions that will best accommodate your business needs.

We will guide your move to establish and maintain these solutions - everything from your secure file server to your Internet presence.

Contact Us regarding options for networking your PC, Macintosh or other machines to the Internet. We design solutions to best meet your business's needs with:
  » Router gateways and firewalling.
  » Proxy-cache servers and mail-hosting.
  » Internet Mail servers.
  » Intranet file servers.
  » Remotely managed Linux solutions.
  » Server monitoring systems.
  » Inter-office communication systems.
  » Virtual Private Network solutions.
  » Advanced serviced firewalls.
  » Customised Web and FTP servers.
We can network your office machines to the Internet with LinGATE, a robust solution developed by our Network Division.

  » Needs only one modem for your network letting you use one dialup account for multiple machines while providing resilient firewall protection against Internet intruders.
  » Boots and runs from a floppy disk without requiring monitor or hard drive.
  » Can be run from a computer otherwise considered obsolete running as an appliance: "set it and forget it".
If you have any questions or would like any more information please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to help.